Meet the Authors

Leslie Knepp

Born in Dryden, Ontario, I’m a proud Canadian and a devoted follower of Jesus. My parents raised me on the mission field, first in Canada, then in Colorado.

The move from rural Ontario to a medium sized town in Colorado was a bit of an adjustment. I was thirteen at the time and was going through the teenage boy thing. Insecurity was preying on me, loneliness took me to dark places, and now I was in an unfamiliar area with no friends.

Looking back I see this stage of my life as being my personal doorway to manliness. It took me years to walk through that door. I struggled, I fell, and I got back up again many times. I have Jesus to thank for giving me the strength I needed through this time.

Jesus has delivered me from the chains of insecurity, laziness, dishonesty, and lust. It is because of him that I have joy. He is awesome!


Tanya Swartzentruber Knepp

I was born in Michigan, spent my childhood in Florida, and grew up in Missouri. I’ve also lived in India as a tutor for a missionary family and spent five months at Elnora Bible Institute in Indiana. It feels like I’ve been around.

My experiences in India, Indiana, and in a church plant in Missouri have been so instrumental in shaping who I am today. The church in India taught me that the world is colorful, not black and white. My teachers and friends at Bible School cultivated my mind, and helped me work through what it meant to follow Jesus at home. Going through the struggles of a church brought pain that I didn’t know how to grapple with, and seeing God redeem and restore brought joy and renewed faith in what God can do.

Today I am a wife, homemaker, and Special Education Paraprofessional. I earned my Bachelor’s of Science in Special Education in August 2017. I love being with my husband and hiking, camping or otherwise adventuring.


The Knepps

We met at Elnora Bible Institute in January 2014. It was only three weeks, but it was enough. In April, after Leslie finished his studies at EBI, we started dating—long distance. We had every state between California and Missouri separating us. Four incredibly long months passed before we had our second in-person date.

From there you might say one thing led to another. We are married now, so you are welcome to assume that things progressed in a favorable direction.

Now we live in Colorado. Les is the Public Relations Manager for New Horizons Ministries while Tya works full time in a local elementary school as a Special Education Paraprofessional. These keep us busy for the most part, but we are definitely trying to make the most of our newlywed years.

We hope you find encouragement, inspiration, and thought provoking articles here.