Life Lately

Since I started school, writing and picking up my camera has taken a back burner. I have been trying to capture some of life’s beauty on my instagram however, so here’s some glimpses of life lately from my instagram feed. Continue reading →


Cozy Days

IMG_8333Cozy Days

What better way is there to spend a cold winter day on Christmas break than wrapped in a blanket with a cup of chai? Or, my little brother would feel, with a book of TinTin? Most everybody else was gone for the day, so he brought his lunch into the living room. Apparently he couldn’t bear to part with his book for that long!
(My apologies to my email subscribers for posting so many times today! I’m enjoying a quiet, relaxing day…and I have an essay to write….so what better way to procrastinate than to edit pictures? I promise, this is the last one for today. 🙂 )